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Brain-Based Challenges

ADHD is a difficult condition because it challenges your behavior and tests your patience. It is invisible - and from the outside there is no sign that you are struggling on the inside with the constant feeling of suffering alone. But you aren't alone!

Imagine being unstuck in a life where ADHD didn't define you. Together we can reach this goal and help you start living the life you want by capitalizing on your own strengths and learning to make your life work in a new way.

An Organized Life...
and Home or Office

When your environment is organized and function, your health and life reflect those same qualities. However, if it feels like it's too much to tackle and things are beginning to fall off the map be it from a life transition or from a history of chronic disorganization, we are here to help. From the stacks of paper and mail that begin to rival a fourteener, to those closets that look like a tornado just passed through them or that "other" room where everything else is hidden, we are here to offer a supportive non-judgmental approach to getting your things in order.

Aging Services

It may be you or a loved one is struggling to keep a foothold on the daily mail, bills, even a calendar that has become hard to process. Maybe they are the care giver to a spouse that has become ill making the daily routines overwhelming and unmanageable. Let us provide the support needed to make life more manageable whether it be assisting with making the home less cluttered, safer to negotiate, mail easier to process, and daily items easier to reach all with their physical and mental conditions in mind. Even if preparations are being made to downsize or move into senior living we can help make that transition effortless too!


Level II Certification in Chronic Disorganization
Level I Certificate of Study in AD/HD
Level I Certificate of Study in Aging
NAPO Golden Circle Member